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View This Before Using Wordpress

View This Before Using Wordpress

I think every newcomer is told to install a wordpress blog and have at it, and I can understand why. Wordpress is simple and easy to install. Just click on the Fantasico icon, two more clicks and you're ready to be a big time blogger.

Here is why you should NOT use  Wordpress:

  1. Wordpress is filled with footprints. A footprint is like a signature informing everyone, search engines and other scrapers, that the CMS is Wordpress. If one of your goals is to have a unique site with unique content, this is not good. The search engines can also quickly detect which plugins you have installed.
  2. Rumor has it that based on some of those plugins, you could be penalized for over optimization, over pinging, keyword stuffing, over advertising, etc. Basically, a Wordpress blog is just a run-of-the-mill site; nothing special or unique. Installing a different theme gives it a better look, but does not change the underlying problems.
  3. There are over 22 million WordPress blogs*, about 11 million hosted on wordpress.com, and about 11 million self hosted. How will your blog ever stand out?
  4. When there`s an update of a WordPress plugin, the updated plugin in most cases will not work properly until you install all of the dependent plugins. WordPress is great as a blog building tool for small websites, but try to add any advanced multi-layer function and then have the correct content output and render properly in a browser, this can be extremely difficult, it`s just not there, this being the case I would suggest a different CMS.

If you want to actually add something to the web that will attract traffic, you would be better off using notepad and upload with FTP. I remind my clients that creativeness and innovation are the keys to success online.