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Add Extra Functions

Add Extra Functions to Your Site

Simple to the most advanced

We can develop a wide array of functions for your site from the simple to the most advanced systems.

There are hundreds of added functions that can be added to a website, if you are not harnessing the power of functions on your website, it's time to start.  
Our clients are always asking us if we can do more to their website and we encouraging them to do so. 


Website Reports - output all of your fields or a select few in a report, collect historic data

Newsletter Subscriptions and Notifications Webforms

Entity Forms - data from these forms can be outputed to reports

Webform field groups

Webform field components - add as many webform component and field types to your form, the scope is endless.

Field validation conditional rules

Webform Reports for Administrators

View page limits - you may have a page that you only want people to see 1 or 10 times over a certain periodc

Quick Edit

Convert page to PDF - convert any page on your website to PDF and then print it - FREE with this platform

Portected Pages - Protected Pages modules allows the administrator to secure any page in your website by password. 

Booking systems and site intergration

E-commerce, attributes and options

Registration for different levels of users and user groups 

Search API for specific content 

Advanced Registration

Postal Code Validation

Availability Calendar

Booking Time Slots

Contest development

Setup a Time Schedule for Events

Mailchimp E-mail Campaigns

Advanced Spam Security

Sitemap (XML Sitemap) - Google loves this and is a basic requirement with SEO, easy way for Google to index your site.

Sign up

Real Estate and similar categorization

Language Translation

Online Chat

Legal, Accept Terms and Conditions and Store Records

Send HTML Mail

Add Form Calculations

Timestamp and Triggers

Google Analytics

Drupal for Facebook

Advanced PDF Fill

Custom Search

Zoom Overlay Image Gallery


Roles and Private Data Reporting

Ask us what function you require and we will do it.