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Wizz Marketing

Toronto, Ontario

Wizz Marketing
Project Date: 

December 2017

Wizz Marketing is an innovations company

providing state-of-the-art customer engagement expertise combined with database creation and communication tactics to help grow your business, develop loyal customers and create referrals.

Embracing leading edge technologies, innovation and low cost execution combined with years of “street smarts” has become the hallmark of success attributed to Wizz Marketing. Wizz Marketing combines offline real-world customer engagement tactics such as targeted lifestyle store signage, innovative on-pack stickers, referral cards, compelling consumer mailers and print communications, unique event marketing tactics, drive-to-web contest tools with low-cost online cyber-world execution that incorporate contest micro sites, reward platforms, database creation, e-blasts, social media interaction and viral referral programs. The expertise in combining both offline and online tactics is the magic behind Wizz Marketing and the reason why they consistently deliver record breaking results for their clients.