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Our Work Portfolio

Blue Forest Lane Bed and Breakfast

April 2014

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

May 2013

Whale & Seal Cruise

May 2015

Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals, Canada

April 2014

Nova Scotia

August 2015

A unique kind of fishing gear company

September 2014

Atlantic Heroes

Much Better Oceansides

December 2017

Nova Scotia, Canada

August 2017

Hairstyling Salon, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

May 2014

Home Staging & Interior Design

Web Design Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

March 2011

Halifax, Nova Scotia

February 2011

Talent & Organizational Solutions

July 2017

Worthington Place, Tourism, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada

December 2017

Toronto, Ontario

March 2013

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

May 2011

Oceanfront Cottages

April 2012

Systems Solutions Innovation

July 2014

Hometown Furniture Ltd.

March 2017

Nutrition in Action, Halifax, Nova Scotia

April 2017

John David Shoes - E-commerce, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Girl on Fire

May 2017

Atlantic Canada

October 2016

Shelley Morris Business Services, Vancouver, Canada

April 2013

Nova Scotia, Canada

June 2013

Personal Experienced Trusted

August 2006

New Mexico USA